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Creating DOANYS is like a life's fairy tale.

In 1953, a small boy from Arcadia, Hlias Kyriakopoulos, with dreams of a better future, followed the road of internal migration that led him to Athens.

In the Central Market of Athens that back then was the trade center of the capital, in a small spaced warehouse-office, he started its operations in the paper trade, from newspapers, which then was the core material of packaging for the shopkeepers - merchants(fishmongers, butchers etc.)
At the same time, he continued the Night School while working and trying to make his way to the market. Slowly, the business grew and the first warehouse in Psyrri -Athens was acquired. While on the job, he continues his studies.

Until 1973, the customer base had expanded throughout Greece and the business "H. Kyriakopoulos and co" was transferred in Ghazi-Athens to larger premises.
From 1973 onwards, the company keeps developing on the commerce of old / waste paper for the recycling sector. The company collects the old paper, and after its sorting to different types and qualities, it is sent to the local Paper Mills for pulping, or gets exported.
Athens were acquired, where now DOANYS continues its operations, keeping a big part in the recycling sector.
In Fifty-nine years a lot has changed ...

Today, recycling gets more powerful in our lives. More and more people understand the need to protect the environment, which is vital for our life and the future of our generations to come. In this environment, DOANYS modernizes and developed with the input of the next generation executives. It creates a modern center of collection, sorting, packing and transporting recyclable materials to recycling plants.


Our Company operates for fifty nine years in collection, sorting, transport and temporary storage of packaging materials for recycling.
Our primary business is in the trade market of waste paper, in the collection, and shipping pallets to paper mills where it enters the process of re-pulping of paper into various forms.
Our company also collects other materials for recycling (iron, aluminum, plastic, etc.) in smaller quantities for now.
Today, we gather more than 3,000 tons of paper per month, about 40,000 tons of paper per year. The objective of our development is to over double our tonnage in 6,000 to 7,000 tons per month, so the production to reach about 85,000 tons per year.

  Year 1 Year 2 Year 3
Monthly Production 3.000 5.000 7.000
Yearly Production 36.000 60.000 84.000

Types of Paper that DOANYS handles
White unprinted paper
Cartonboard Cutting
Brown Kraft
Magazine paper

Today we operate in our owned premises of 4.000sq.m and our goal with the new business plan is to expand to new facilities of 10.000sq.m.
Regarding staff, except the 13 employees, additional staff will be used for the new unit.
The purpose of the new administration is to dynamically introduce DOANYS in the exports of old paper and industrial waste management.
Still, we intend to develop sorting and recycle of iron and plastic, where for now is being traded and sold in smaller quantities.
Regarding paper, we also intend to expand in the market of STOCK paper from industries.
The aim is our current turnover of € 3.000.000 to be more than double to € 7.000.000 € 8.000.000 per year.
Regarding facilities and infrastructure, for start, new equipment that consist of 2 paper presses, 3 container trucks, 30 new tanks, 4 forklifts, a lift track, and 15 Press-Containers.

10 IRAS & KASSIMI, TAVROS - 17778   ATHENS - GREECE    • Tel.: +30210 3458265   • Fax: +30210 3470855    info@doanys.gr

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